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FEUMAT Foam-Filling Station

Developed in our house for you.

FEUMAT Foam-Filling Station-
For the maintenance and servicing of water and foam extinguishers.

  • Modular design allows configurability according to your needs

  • Easy handling during disassembly due to optimally positioned holding device.

  • Ergonomic and back-friendly working.

  • Optional suction of the extinguishing agent into an intermediate container (sight cylinder), disposal container or into the drain (gray water).

  • Various applications due to the mounted inflow fitting.

  • Efficient and fast working due to the optimal arrangement of the accessories on the
    FEUMAT® workbench.

  • Integrated dosing device for automatic filling of water and foam quantities or premix solutions.

  • Fast filling with a tolerance of ±0.5%!


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  • Suction lance for stress-free pumping out of the extinguishing agent
  • Automatic rinsing head for internal cleaning
  • Holding device integrated in wash tub
  • Flexible hand fitting
  • Swiveling filling head for metered filling

Fully automatic

  • LED control button for preselected quantities
  • Manual or automatic switching on of the pumps during disposal/refilling
  • Optional ball valves allow switching of disposal modes
  • Fully equipped with tool back panel, storage boxes and base cabinet

The Feumat NAP “Foam-Filling Station” is configured individually to your needs by us.
Due to the modular design, the station is as flexible as you are!
We will be happy to advise you in detail and have the right solutions for your problems.

Modul "filling

Up to 5 dosing units make it possible to fill almost any type of extinguishing agent combination.
These include:

  • Water
  • Concentrates
  • Premix
  • Wetting agent
  • etc.

Modul "flushing"

From a simple manual faucet to a flush head triggered automatically or by an ergonomic foot pedal, the choice is yours*.

Modul "emptying"

Choose from various options on how you want to refill your extinguishing agent or dispose of old.

1. for refilling into a sight container
2. for disposal as gray water or disposal barrels *.

*Also available in custom combinations

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