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Our products

Your innovative solutions in the fields of powder systems, training systems, CO2 requirements and accessories.

FEUMAT GmbH und Co. KG-
Your strong partner in fire protection.

Our products combine state-of-the-art technology, quality and the necessary lead in innovation. The various specifications of our products provide all industries with the solution they have long been waiting for.

Powder plant technology

Powder plant technology from FEUMAT can be used for both mobile and stationary applications. From entry-level models to fully automatic powder systems, the FEUMAT range offers you everything you need.

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Training facilities

Samples for the case of emergency. With our training facilities this becomes possible. FEUMAT prepares you and your team for the worst case scenario – we are a competent partner at your side.

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CO2 requirement

Refilling fire extinguishers becomes an easy task. Safety, high quality and simple installation are the hallmarks of FEUMAT systems.

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Easy and efficient work requires the right tools. FEUMAT equips you with all the tools you need for carefree work.

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Wet workstation

Developed for you in our company.

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