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Regulations Fire safety assistants and training
Important note:

The new ASR A2.2 replaces the previously valid ASR 13 completely and seamlessly. It defines the topic “fire protection helpers” in concrete terms and obliges the employer to provide them.

ASR A2.2 Workplace directive fire extinguishing equipment

The new ASR A2.2 (December 2012) puts more emphasis on the fire safety assistant. Accordingly, the employer must appoint a sufficient number of employees as fire safety assistants. This results from the risk assessment. As a rule, a share of at least 5% of employees is considered sufficient. A larger number of fire protection assistants may be necessary in case of increased fire hazard, but also in case of shift operations (your fire insurance will provide information). Fire protection assistants must be instructed once a year. For the first time, the ASR also specifies the instruction contents such as the basic principles of preventive fire protection, knowledge of the operational fire protection organization, function and mode of operation of fire extinguishing equipment and dangers due to fire as well as the behavior in case of fire. Additional practical exercises for handling e.g. fire extinguisher and wall hydrants are also part of this instruction.


according to § 10 ArbSchG

Fire safety assistants are persons who take over fire safety tasks in their immediate field of activity. The assumption of this responsibility helps to increase operational safety and to avoid or minimize personal injury and material damage by initiating initial measures in the event of a fire (e.g. fire detection, alarming, fighting incipient fires, supporting the escape and rescuing employees or visitors). For this purpose, fire protection assistants should be trained accordingly and regularly re-trained. This training should, on the one hand, ensure the effectiveness of the fire protection helper and, on the other hand, guarantee his personal safety when carrying out this activity. The necessity to train employees accordingly is to be derived from § 12 ArbSchG, workplace regulations, KonTraG, BGV A1, BGI 560 as well as BGR 133. The participants are provided with the basic knowledge necessary for the implementation of initial measures. Persons whose area of responsibility includes fire protection. They support the entrepreneur as well as the appointed fire protection officer in the fire risk defense.

BGV A1 Accident prevention regulation, principles of prevention

§22 Emergency measures paragraph (2): “The employer shall familiarize a sufficient number of insured persons by instruction and practice in the use of fire extinguishing equipment for fighting incipient fires. ”

BGR 133 Equipment of workplaces with fire extinguishers

Ed.: Hauptverband der gewerblichen Berufsgenossenschaften Kap. 5 Abs.2: ” A sufficient number of persons must be instructed in the handling of fire extinguishers. Where local conditions permit, it is recommended to hold practical extinguishing exercises with fire extinguishers at regular intervals.

BGI560 Occupational safety through preventive fire protection

Ed.: Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Metall-Berufsgenossenschaften Chapter: 12.9.6 The use of fire extinguishers must be practiced: “The best equipment is of no use if nobody can handle it. Therefore, at least once a year a sufficient number of suitable employees must be trained practically in the mode of operation and handling of fire extinguishers (…)”.